I'm Ahmed Mahmoud 
Multidisciplinary Designer, Photographer and Videographer
About Me
I'm passionate about Graphic design since 2018. I seek to be a graphic design icon. I learned by myself from scratch and now I have quite good knowledge that made me able to design professional creative work. I choose to be an integrated Designer because I have found the abilities and the skills in myself that make me able to do anything related to design. My future ambitions and dreams will not gonna let me stop. i will always learn do creative work.
What Makes You Trust Me ?
Your success is my success. I born to help people by solving their problems and convey them to their full potential. I believe that by Design and learning I can change the world not just your business.
I Design
Visual identity design - Interaction Design - Publication Design - Package Design - Marketing & Advertising Design - Art & Illustrations - Visual Arts.
Interests & Curiosities
Learning - Reading - Writing - Leadership - Business - Technology - Marketing - Travel - Art - History - Music  
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