How to follow your passion immediately




Ahmed Mahmoud

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We all know that doing the things we love makes us the happiest. In a very crowded world where everything is going so fast. Human beings are so distracted and cannot find their passion. Many people tell us try a lot of things until you find your passion

But in this article I’m going to tell you the steps I followed that made me the happiest and most productive version of myself.

The sooner you start searching is better

When I was seventeen years old I started to ask myself questions about where I want to be in the next few years and what I imagine myself doing in the future. I started to take advice from my family and ask older people about what they do. and I get quite good information about what the world has to provide for people. I discovered my passion after my sister offered me to try to enter a graphic design career.

Don’t let people doubt you

Along the way many people including family members and some of my friends tell me that this career is nothing at all. And the most good thing you will do is to design a business card. Also when I asked for advice on social media people tried to make fun of my questions. I was so sad at the beginning when I heard those words from the people I love and the people I asked for their help. I talked to myself then and said. I will show them how my passion in design is gonna make you change your perspective about me and this career. What I’m telling you here is that along the way. You are gonna pass with a lot of negativity and very hard challenges. But once you believe in your passion you will win in every situation.

Try to develop your passion daily

Now you know what you truly admire. So you have to draw the path that will help you reach your full potential in your passion. One of those things that helped me to become an expert about what I’m passionate about is creating genuinely creative identities. I learn a lot and I always try to find new ways of the things every day. Gaining knowledge and developing your skills in what you are passionate about. Will gonna push you further and will help you to stand out in the competition.

Dream big and achieve small

Once you set a dozen big goals, you really are ambitious to achieve. You have to split those big dreams into small chunks. In order to feel yourself productive and a good striker. I dream big, really big in graphic design. and I always put myself in front of my goals to always remember them. Once I have done small tasks from the big goals. I really feel like that one day I will finish all those tasks and will achieve what I dreamed of.


Don’t be upset from trying your best to find your passion. Because When you find it. You will gonna feel like you own this world! And always remember there is no successful story without challenges and really hard steps to take. Be patient and always believe you will do it wherever and whenever.

Thank you,
Ahmed Mahmoud