BloomBeing: is a natural seeds company. Distributed by Jawda International trade company in Egypt. BloomBeing is offering a variety of natural seeds products which is produced in Egypt.
My Mission: was to Make a brand for the company and design a craft package that will compete in the market roof.
Implementation Method : After Making my researches and get known the competitors inside Egypt. And products like BloomBeing around the globe. i choose to take the natural greens colors. To be able to convey the brand message.

Logo : More simplicity equals More attraction. Took the BB letters together and tried to focus on the negative spaces which intersects between them. And it's ended with a good Result after finding negative shape looks like the leaf. Added to curved lines to make it more natural and feel like leaves.
Package Design : Crafted the material then designed a simple shapes which convey the look of natural too. added 3 colors only on the package to avoid disruptions to the consumers. Tried to add small icons to make the consumer attracts to the benefits of the product.
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