It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So allow me to tell the story of the creation of the new logo of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.
The story began with the idea of ​​restructuring the main symbol of the Ministry. 
In order to fit the vision of the ministry and the future government, to spread its message and achieve its goals.
And to speak the language of love for the homeland and the comfort and tranquility of the pilgrims and pilgrims of the House of God Almighty and the mosque of his honorable Messenger.
Under the Ministry's basic conditions and requirements for logo design. 
The innovation of the new logo contained many messages, each element telling a distinct meaning and spreading a special message.
The innovation was based on studies, foundations and concepts in order to be implemented in the best possible way and to be worthy of the position of this competition and the honor of participating in it.
With the passage of time, thanks to God and His grace, the creation of the new logo for the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah was completed. So let me explain the story to you.
1st : The Haram is the main component of the emblem, as it is the one that combines the dome and Saudi Arabia, and pilgrims roam around it.
2nd: The dome of the Prophet's Mosque is the center of the heraldic emblem, which was incorporated into the sanctuary by means of a blank space to denote the Two Holy Mosques.
3rd: This frame expresses the pilgrims and pilgrims who come from all over the world to circumambulate the Kaaba in Saudi Arabia, and receive the best services to perform their rituals.
4th: The palm symbolises vitality, growth and prosperity, and is considered the link in the logo between the Two Holy Mosques and the Saudi sword.
5th: The two swords symbolize strength, strength and sacrifice. It was used in the logo in a simplified way to facilitate the completion of the elements of the logo.
The design contains many strengths that distinguish it and make it achieve standards of creativity and professionalism in implementation.

Logo Composition:
It contains all the elements that express Hajj and Umrah. The elements were placed in a simplified way to express the ministry's vision and mission.
Space and balance:
The comfort of the eye in moving among the components of the logo and the integration of the dome of the Prophet’s Mosque with the Haram indicates creativity and excellence in the expression of Hajj and Umrah.
Message and feelings:
If you look at the logo, you will feel the spirituality of the rituals of Hajj and Umrah, and you will miss visiting the Two Holy Mosques on Saudi lands.
Simplicity and expression:
The logo expresses the status of Hajj and Umrah for the Islamic nation and their connection to Saudi Arabia, which receives visitors to the Most Merciful.
Vision and perspective:
The logo contains two different perspectives that complement each other: the first is the bird’s eye view, through which we can see the circumambulation to feel the abundance of the two sects, and the second is the ant’s eye, through which we can see the sanctuary and the dome of the mosque, which expresses the greatness of the way we look at them.
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