Project Title: Rebo and Sungailiat booklet.

Overview: Tourist information booklet about Rebo, Sungailiat tourist informations.

Purpose and need : Is to design a small thing that can help the tourists who come to the island to see the awesome places and to know about them. its carries description about the best startups i worked with. also it transferee the governors message to the tourists.
Benefits and costs : We were two teams worked on the project to finish our KPI”s. We have helped a lot of tourists. costs a lot of effort to deliver the message well.
Implementation method : Organize the photos in the picture make them with a quite same edit. put Cairo fonts to deliver that Egyptian designer design this. put all the 22 pages facing each others while designing. decide the background graphics too match all the colors.
Timeline : 4 days of continuous work with a several meetings. with a lot of pressure faced it with a sense of humor.

Requirements : Meet the deadline, combine the most useful information. a unique travel guide. Finish my KPI.

Expected Outcome : The booklet have been translated into Bahasa and Chinese languages. creativity and clean work in a short time added a lot of experience in my print designs. design the project using the difficult app and designed it with small possibilities.
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