Overview: Sonamak Website 
I took the Responsibilities to solve the big problem Sonamak company is facing. by deciding to took the challenge of designing the UI/UX for the company’s website. with no previous background in this field of web.
Purpose: Finding the right solution
As a graphic designer i have to be a problem solver too. I needed to reach the highest level of creativity and professionalism in less time in a new field. to handoff the website to the developer as soon as possible. and to address that the company is able to showcase a professional and usable website to the clients and the users.
Gain UI/UX skill + Design the website in 3 week. The pressure empowered me to have the intent to be in the best version of myself. to be able to solve the big problem which is the company doesn’t have a website. so it can’t communicate, introduce, and talk with confidence to close a deal.
Project Goals: 
The project underpins the services of the company. Advertising the company’s best work. Market the company values to be able to get more benefctable clients. solve the lack of recruitment. Gain valuable feedbacks to revise the things we missed. Employees work with confidence because the have professional website.
The Project Approach:
Put a solid plan to implement the project.
Selecting 100+ websites to take inspiration from.
50+ researches to help in the implementation method.
Learn from the industry leaders.
Studied the web field from graphic design school book.
Taking the most valuable courses to learn from.

User Expectation:
The users will see creative website that resonates the existence of the company. and they can easily reach to the informations they want in the easiest way. every thing is organized to make the users comfortable.
The results show me and the company that we now have a professional and creative website. the time the company spent on me and the amount of money they invested was worth it. because i was able to design a valuable websites at the end which solved the problems the company were facing before i took the challenge.
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